I've recevied many compliments from traders, but the one thing you need to realize is...

These People Are Just Like You

They're all ordinary investors who had a sincere desire to improve their lives — and with my proven strategies they were able to do so.

"70% winning trade..."

"I started by using the first strategy described in this book and eventually had a look at the second. Both were highly successfully, resulting in solid profits across the board. With a nearly 70% winning trade percentage with the second strategy alone, I am going to keep using these tips for some time. The tools and information provided in this book have made my stock trading more successful than ever before."

-Jennifer Stroup, Yakima, WA

"No more reinventing the wheel!..."

"No more reinventing the wheel!

The Stock and Option Investing book goes a long way by providing not only insightful information, but also tried and tested scientific results. Read the info in the book, and I mean READ it carefully, and be on your way to making profitable trades."

Franklin Taniredjo

"...already made 50% on my first trade!"

"Wow! This system is fantastic! I started using it two weeks ago, and I already made 50% on my first trade! I really want to thank you for sharing this amazing system with me."

Robert Dickson

"Very simple and precise..."

"Great stock trading information! Your book is very simple and to the point. You give us the easy formula
and the location to find all the information we need to make our trades. You leave no questions on when to make the trade and when to get out. Very simple and precise, just the way I like it.

Thanks again for the great system"

Greg S.

"Get a hold of this report..."

"This special stock market report has opened my eyes in a big way. For anyone who is "scared" of the stock market, get a hold of this report - even if it's the last thing you do.

The author has saved you 6 years upwards of time in investigating trade entry and exit points - and yes they work even better for options - which have the statistical backing of the last 6 years of stock market history. Not only does this system clearly demonstrate high yield yearly returns, but the author shows you how to do the trades piecemeal - in language that my 7 year old could really understand.

Follow his advice verbatim and there's no work for you to do - just a pure and simple system that has worked in the past. Get it now, you will be instantly motivated to do something once you've been given the keys to success contained in this report."

Sam Beatson

"This is the real deal..."

"Your data is uncanny. I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to generate the information provided in this book. It has not only made my trading more successful, it has made so many aspects of it that much easier. I don't feel as though I'm blindly pulling options out a hat anymore. The websites you've provided and the proven tips have resulted in steady profits over a five month period. This is the real deal."

-Jason Getz, Altoona, PA

"I've already identified some great looking trading opportunities..."

"Before I opened your book I fully expected to see a number of the usual rehashed strategies that have been around in one form or another for so many years. As soon as I started reading though, I could see that this was something very different.

Although it's a simple strategy which is easy to learn and easy to implement, your research proves just how accurate the system has been over many years and how profitable it can be using short term options. I've already identified some great looking trading opportunities and look forward to making some great profits over the coming months and years."
Listen to Chris here:

Chris Towland

"...I was able to make a profit of 46.1% within 3 days."

"Brilliant! This book is simple to understand (no long-winded theories) and it works! This book shows you which are the stock that has the most potential to raise based on studies from the past 30 years.

By using the secret revealed in this book (which compliment my own screening techniques), I was able to make a profit of 46.1% within 3 days. This was from buying/selling call options in BER and ATW between 4 Apr to 6 Apr 06. You can check the history charts to see that this stock movement to verify my claim. And the best part is I only spent a total 10 minutes of my time for this trade.

For serious traders who knows how to control risk (eg. with stop lost, profit taking etc.), this amazing book could open up any window of potential profit for you! Get it but hide the knowledge well."

Keith Choy

"...81% jump"

"Your information is simply elegant.  I got my book on Nov 28.  I used your 2nd strategy the next day on ATW and I got in at $11.  On Nov 30 it made a $9 jump to $20.  I did not follow the recommended wait time since I don't believe in leaving winning money laying on the table:  a good 81% jump.  Thank You and God Bless."

-Ronnie Long

"65% winning trade percentage..."

"How can anyone argue with a 65% winning trade percentage? I would not have believed it if I hadn't tried it on my own, but the first strategy described in this book is just plain amazing. Almost two thirds of my trades made me a profit for an average gain of 3.6%. The numbers don't lie. This strategy is one of the best."

-Craig Roeper, Trenton, NJ

"4.9% profit on each trade..."

"Just looking at the data you have gathered showed me how successful this strategy could be. I was amazed at how thoroughly researched your information was and now I'm grateful for it. I've been trading options with your guidelines for more than six months now. The first three months alone, I was able to take away a 4.9% profit on each trade. I will continue using this strategy as long as it keeps working so well."

-Tracy Robinson, Fort Worth, TX

"returns have been incredible..."

"I have been using your second strategy for some months now and it has been almost unerringly accurate. Almost every stock I've applied this strategy toward has returned at least some form of profit. A few of my returns have been incredible. More than half of my trading is now done with this method. If it's not broken, why would I fix it!"

-Michael Wilks, Sacramento, CA

"incredibly helpful addition..."

"Your description and explanation of how to increase my returns was dead on. I was able to increase my return per trade from 1.1% to over 5% in less than three months by following your first strategy. Your book has been an incredibly helpful addition to my stock investments and now sits prominently on my PC's desktop."

-Jerry Wellton, Ogden, UT

"well researched and organized..."

"I have been stumbling around the Internet looking for this information for what seems like years. Who would have known a free tool from Yahoo! would help me take advantage of your second strategy so easily and so quickly. In less than two months I was tracking and trading options gains of over 4%. The data in this book is so well researched and organized; I can't imagine trading without it."

-Sarah Filmore, Hartford, CT

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